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  1. When you use Skin Tech products the facial skin will appear pink, dry and peeling. Some people might experience slight itching. Don't worry, this is normal reaction. Avoid Product 3, and product 4 getting into your eyes, and mouth.
  2. During the treatment lines, wrinkles and acne might be appearing. Those are temporary phenomenon. It will disappear after a certain period of time automatically.
  3. After using products for about three days, there will be tingling feeling, but it will gradually disappear two weeks later. During serious confrontation, apply moisturizing cream or Serum C to relief the redness.
  4. When you wash your face, please do not rub and tear the skin. If you have facial itching, do not use nail to scratch it.
  5. Apply products to your cheek bones. Please do not apply product 4 over neck in the first time. Please Consult your beauty tutors and advisers if necessary. During the treatment period avoid sunburns. Go out with a hat or put on Sunscreen. Do not rub the surface with a towel hardly or use the Scrub.
  6. Three or four days before you go for trip or need to do makeup, please stop using product 3 and product 4.
    Morning: Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer + Eye Cream + Sunscreen
    Evening: Cleanser + Toner + Serum C + Moisturizer + Eye Cream
    After party or travel you can resume the course of treatment.
  7. During the treatment period avoid taking sauna, steam bath or getting close to stove.
  8. In case of contact with eyes and mouth wash your hands with soap immediately after use.
  9. It is best to use in a cool place to carry out treatment.
  10. Product 4 is not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women.

Skin Tech Medical:

A Leader in Skin Care Products Headquartered in San Diego. California ,Skin Tech Medical Products ,Inc. ,is a specialty pharmaceutical company. Ifyou are truly desire healthy skin , just follow the Skin Tech five basic steps Skin Care Program. The systems are designed to prevent and improve the most common and visible skin disorders in adult skin .The Skin Tech Care Programs has been designed for all skin types and colors It has been customized according to your skin needs. Give your skin the treatment it deserves. First impressions are everythingh。


Q & A:

Q* What is the difference between Skin Tech and other skin care products ?
A Other skin care products may cause skin peeling; Skin Tech Products are to stimulate the stem cells, split more cells and improve skin.

Q* Is Skin Tech Products good for long term use?
A As long as you want to keep a healthier and younger skin, you can use it all the time, it will be more effective.

Q* Why I can not see any significant reaction after I used Skin Tech Products?
A More healthy or oily skin you have, you do not see the reaction very soon. Keep using it 1-2 weeks; you will see the desired effect.

Q Skin Tech Products will cause allergies or acne?
A In addition to the sensitive reaction, allergic reaction is rare. To reduce the using time of product 4 can ease the irritation. Or you can use moisturizing cream and Serum C to sooth the irritation. After using Skin Tech for a while. The sensitive skin will be improved and acne will be healed.

Q* Is there any age limitation for using Skin Tech products?
A Aged between 12 to 100 years old, are suitable for using Skin Tech products.

Q*Is outdoors working people suitable to use Skin Tech?
A Of course. To prevent the sunburn please be advervised to use Skin Tech Sunscreen Moist.

Q* Is it suitable for using other skin care products during the skin rebirth treatment?
A Other skin care products may contain waxy substance which would hinder the absorption through the skin. They might delay the entire re-process.

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